RAPPORT (Refugee Arts with Participants and Practitioners Open to integRaTion)

Historieberättarna is happy to be a part of the EU-project RAPPORT, a 31 month cooperation project of four partner organisations; Acta (UK), Historieberättarna (Sweden), Tantarantana (Spain) and Teatr Grodzki (Poland).

”RAPPORT aims to find ways across the borders, creating intercultural spaces and platforms, and using innovative collaborations, to make artistic connections between different sections of the community in each country, to discover and celebrate the common humanity that all share”


Digital Creative Europe conference!

Historieberättarna’s Creative Europe conference was unfortunately cancelled in March, and our partners from Poland (Teatr Grodzki), England (ACTA community theater) and Spain (teatre Tantarantana) had to cancel their trips to Stockholm. However, we did the conference digitally a couple of weeks ago, and it turned out to work perfectly fine! The main purpose of the conference was to give the participants an insight of Historieberättarna’s creative working method.

Historieberättarna works with the senses as a source of inspiration for creation as a part of our method. In order to that, we did storytelling exercises with the senses of smell and taste, discovered ”soft impressions” in the forest with our sight, we did a storytelling exercise around a sparkling fire, a guided forest meditation, and we also did a stop-motion film in Zoom with our movements!

So even though the conference was digital, the participants got to visit the swedish virgin forest and experience it with all the senses. (and they also got material to work with with the post) We are so glad to hear that some of our partners now have started to use our method in their activities! 

#creativeeurope #historieberättarna 


Projektet ”Tell with textile” är igång, där unga deltagare arbetar konstnärligt med texter, bilder, mönster och screenteknik på textil. En serie banderoller/flaggor kommer skapas, som alla berättar något om personen som skapat dem eller som har ett budskap som skaparen vill få ut. Resultatet kommer ställas ut på Fisksätra museum i november. I skapandeprocessen ryms många olika språk och många berättelser, och delar av dem kommer visas i utställningen!

Projektet leds av konstpedagogen Cristina Schippa #creativeEurope#historieberättarna


Sneak peek from Saturday’s shooting! The project ”Dance and Storytelling” is a collaboration between Saraswathy Kalakendra Institution of Fine Arts (led by @Ushabalasundaram) and Historieberättarna. We have worked together in digital storytelling workshops during the spring and summer, our IRL-reunion and film shooting at the dance scene in Vårby Gård was really something special! The film will be published later this year on this webpage.

Thanks to Akanksha, Antara, Harshita, Laasya, Saloni, Sandra, Sonia, Sofia, Maya och Shweta



Since early spring, Historieberättarna and a youth dance group from the dance company Saraswathy Kalakendra Institution of Fine Arts have performed digital workshops together, with focus on storytelling and dance. In September we will do a film together based on the outcome of the workshops.

Last week, after a summer break, the participants shared their thoughts about movements in different situations. Shwetha shared: 

”In the first image, I have tried portraying a deer with a hand movement. I’m trying to show my thoughts through this particular image. So, when I see any animal or object I tend to think of a hand movement that depicts or portrays the real object or animal. Or any other living thing. 

The second image/hand movement portrays a bud of a flower. This image/hand movement next to a plant is to show the beginning of birth of a new life within a life in it’s own. Again the hand movement is something I think of when I see a real bud on a plant.

The third image/hand movement is trying to show a wave. This image is trying to show the movement of life where there is always something happening after the other just like how after one wave there is another”


”I Hear the Forest” is a project in which Historieberättarna together with newly arrived youths carried out creative forest bathing walks. The participants had little or none experience of the Swedish forest. We walked in different forests, and discovered it with all our senses, through various creative exercises. ”Forest bathing” means just ”taking in the forest with all our senses”, and is originally from Japan, where the method is used as a health-promoting recipe for stress. The forest walks are done in collaboration with a forest guide with local knowledge of the forest we visit, and gives us interesting knowledge about nature. The participants also get to do film and photo exercises, and parts of the result are shown on the platform: https://www.kulturochskogen.com/om-projektet

”I hear the forest” is part of the RAPPORT-project.


In spring 2020 Historieberättarna held a workshop about ”UN- Convention on the rights of the child” at an elementary school in Stockholm. Esemble Yria wrote the song ”For every child for every right” and pupils at the school sang and recorded it. The making of the music video was a part of the RAPPORT project.