“There is always something happening after the other, just like how after one wave there is another”

(Quote by Sofia, participant in the project ”Dance and Storytelling”)

We had a lovely day recording the voice over together with the team from Saraswathy Kalakendra Institution of Fine Arts last Sunday. The film that we are making together is based on outcomes from our digital storytelling workshops in the project ”Dance and Storytelling”. Thank you for an inspiring day Sofia (Shweta), Antara, Akanksha, Maya, Shweta, Jessica, Usha Balasundaram and Lisa Partby! The film will be released later on this summer/fall and will also be a part of a show produced in collaboration with our European partners: Teatre Tantarantana ”Teatr Grodzki” Acta Community Theatre

#historieberättarna #CreativeEurope

27 maj 2021