”I Hear the Forest” is a project in which Historieberättarna together with newly arrived youths carried out creative forest bathing walks. The participants had little or none experience of the Swedish forest. We walked in different forests, and discovered it with all our senses, through various creative exercises. ”Forest bathing” means just ”taking in the forest with all our senses”, and is originally from Japan, where the method is used as a health-promoting recipe for stress. The forest walks are done in collaboration with a forest guide with local knowledge of the forest we visit, and gives us interesting knowledge about nature. The participants also get to do film and photo exercises, and parts of the result are shown on the platform: https://www.kulturochskogen.com/om-projektet

”I hear the forest” is part of the RAPPORT-project.

#historieberättarna #CreativeEurope

12 augusti 2020