Since early spring, Historieberättarna and a youth dance group from the dance company Saraswathy Kalakendra Institution of Fine Arts have performed digital workshops together, with focus on storytelling and dance. In September we will do a film together based on the outcome of the workshops.

Last week, after a summer break, the participants shared their thoughts about movements in different situations. Shwetha shared: 

”In the first image, I have tried portraying a deer with a hand movement. I’m trying to show my thoughts through this particular image. So, when I see any animal or object I tend to think of a hand movement that depicts or portrays the real object or animal. Or any other living thing. 

The second image/hand movement portrays a bud of a flower. This image/hand movement next to a plant is to show the beginning of birth of a new life within a life in it’s own. Again the hand movement is something I think of when I see a real bud on a plant.

The third image/hand movement is trying to show a wave. This image is trying to show the movement of life where there is always something happening after the other just like how after one wave there is another”

#historieberättarna #CreativeEurope

19 augusti 2020